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The unmanifest DIVINE Is manifested in my SOUL; It is The Dew That shines In the heart Of the Lotus. There is no other Truth that is quite as healing as this one simple mantra. It reminds us that we are never far from our Best Selves, never truly alone or abandoned - and never EVER beyond the reach or forgiveness of our own DIVINITY. We do no NEED forgiveness, or acceptance; we do not need ‘saving’ nor validation from any other god or religion: because, we ARE god - right here, in this moment: a fragment, a shard, a particle of the infinitude that has been through an infinite number of material manifestations throughout the whole history of the evolving cosmos itself - finally en-corporated into THIS flesh, THIS soul, THIS moment of unfolding presence and consciousness. And that’s not ‘just’ some of the most ancient Spiritual teaching that is shared by almost every ancient culture and spiritual path - it’s what SCIENCE tells us too: that the very atoms of our body and the spa

All things must pass

Never forget: change is not only possible - it is inevitable: All things Pass. Finally feeling lighter enough to realise quite how deep into the #mentalhealth maelstrom I had let myself fall, unchallenged and disempowered by my own self-doubt and convinced of my own unworthiness. But NOTHING is fixed, nothing is forever: not ill health, nor unhappiness, nor thoughts, or even our own self-image. EVERYTHING passes - EVERYTHING changes: if we let them. And if you do you may even find, one day, that half of the stress and discomfort you feel is the exhaustion and cramping of holding on so TIGHTLY to old habits and ways of being - in fear of what may remain if you were to let go: of who you might be where you to simply open and let what’s hidden find the light. But the opening is INEVITABLE. Growth and change is INEVITABLE. You just have to believe - TRUST - point yourself towards the light, and just LET GO. #bindrune #hope #yoga #nobletruths #changeisgood #mentalhealthmatters #gaymentalhea

One Star...

Thy feet in mire, thine head in murk,      O man, how piteous thy plight, The doubts that daunt, the ills that irk,      Thou hast nor wit nor will to fight — How hope in heart, or worth in work?      No star in sight! Thy Gods proved puppets of the priest.      "Truth? All's relation!" science sighed. In bondage with thy brother beast,      Love tortured thee, as Love's hope died And Love's faith rotted. Life no least      Dim star descried. Thy cringing carrion cowered and crawled      To find itself a chance-cast clod Whose Pain was purposeless; appalled      That aimless accident thus trod Its agony, that void skies sprawled      On the vain sod! All souls eternally exist,      Each individual, ultimate Perfect - each makes itself a mist      Of mind and flesh to celebrate With some twin mask their tender tryst      Insatiate. Some drunkards, doting on the dream,      Despair that it should die, mistake Themselves for their own shadow-scheme.      One star can

Calm abiding

Calm abiding Samatha vipassana: to gain insight through calm abiding and serenity. ( John Haspel: “The  Truth of happiness” p.31) This is what it means to truly meditate: to sit, to relax and let go of the need to control the body or the senses, to quietly take a step back from the endless chatter of the mind and to consciously and gently let ones attention slide  into calm observing: of the naturally deepening breath, and the simplicity of simply living, of being, only in this place and this moment; to softly notice whatever arises within the empty theatre of our minds to pull us back into the necessity and habituation of endless distraction and self-referential thought - to let that distraction be, without comment or commitment, and then to observe as it fades and passes away - as all things must  - like water through the fingers of an open hand. Sit. Breath. Be.  Repeat.  This is the way of contentment. This is the Tathagata’s true teaching.  Peace. 

Judgement - and acceptance

L ooking for my old “black book” notebook, ready to take with me to my first Psych Therapy appointment so I can take notes tomorrow, and I found this note to myself from a meditation many years ago.  Seems like sound and appropriate wisdom - for all of us, perhaps: “You are not here to judge your humanity, but to live it.”

God’s imperfection...?

‘Where was God when I was being abused?’ -  is the question asked by a Facebook meme Where IS God - if not within us all. Which means god was  within you as you were abused: feeling what you felt and experiencing all you experienced. And god was also within the one who abused you. Because everything that is is Divine, and everything that is is experiencing the Divine. Because the Divine is the energy and the matter. Because the Divine is the energy that flickers between the synapses of every neurone and the neurones themselves - and the ocean of quanta that flickers in and out of existence in between. Everything we experience we experience in consciousness, and consciousness is a quantum field phenomenon - and is the quantum flux not a moment of the Divine potential forming to manifestation? Everything we experience is of and through the Divine - we are the Divine knowing itself by experiencing itself.  Ritual and magic and the occult are simply learnt and encoded ways to manipulate ou

“Little lights”

How strange that the passing of an arbitrary point in time and space can make us all so thoughtful... I’ll not miss 2019 much, tbh - not too much from the decade either. There’s been good times and enjoyment, friendships won and lost, laughter and a whole ocean of tears and a world of pain - and all of it only ever real within the world we create within our own heads...   And all of it came, and then went - passed away into nothing but memory, and that only fleeting- as all things do and must. Happiness, pain, pleasure, memories, life, death itself - all things pass, like water through your fingers: “an insubstantial pageant faded, to leave not a wrack behind” We are all little actors, strutting upon a stage of our own making, playing kings or beggars to an audience of none in a play of our own making within the Globe of our own skulls - forgetting that all the glory of our loves and the pain of our sorrows is but stage directions in a dream we have forgotten we are dreaming - and no m