Calm abiding

Calm abiding

Samatha vipassana: to gain insight through calm abiding and serenity. (John Haspel: “The Truth of happiness” p.31)

This is what it means to truly meditate: to sit, to relax and let go of the need to control the body or the senses, to quietly take a step back from the endless chatter of the mind and to consciously and gently let ones attention slide into calm observing: of the naturally deepening breath, and the simplicity of simply living, of being, only in this place and this moment; to softly notice whatever arises within the empty theatre of our minds to pull us back into the necessity and habituation of endless distraction and self-referential thought - to let that distraction be, without comment or commitment, and then to observe as it fades and passes away - as all things must  - like water through the fingers of an open hand.

Sit. Breath. Be. 


This is the way of contentment. This is the Tathagata’s true teaching. 



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