The unmanifest DIVINE
Is manifested in my SOUL;
It is
The Dew
That shines
In the heart
Of the Lotus.

There is no other Truth that is quite as healing as this one simple mantra. It reminds us that we are never far from our Best Selves, never truly alone or abandoned - and never EVER beyond the reach or forgiveness of our own DIVINITY.

We do no NEED forgiveness, or acceptance; we do not need ‘saving’ nor validation from any other god or religion: because, we ARE god - right here, in this moment: a fragment, a shard, a particle of the infinitude that has been through an infinite number of material manifestations throughout the whole history of the evolving cosmos itself - finally en-corporated into THIS flesh, THIS soul, THIS moment of unfolding presence and consciousness.

And that’s not ‘just’ some of the most ancient Spiritual teaching that is shared by almost every ancient culture and spiritual path - it’s what SCIENCE tells us too: that the very atoms of our body and the spark in our souls where born in the Big Bang and forged over millennia in the hearts of generations of stars - and all of that infinite unfolding and Becoming has culminated here, now, in the complex proteins that carry oxygen in the red beat of your blood, and the 64 base codes of the DNA that sits in every cell of your body, and in the spark of electrons across the vast multitude of synapses between the infinitude of neurones in the dark temple of your skull - and that YOU now experience as ‘thought’

You are as old as time, as vast as the Universe - and you ARE ENOUGH.

Om Mani Padme Om

And it is so easy to forget in the muddle and dust of every day living. But even Jesus said the same when he told us ‘You are the child of God’; not ‘the creation’ or ‘the mistake’ but the CHILD: born of the Divine and One with it, if we can only forgive OURSELVES and embrace our True and Best and Higher Self.

But, says the Ego: why does it sometimes feel like I’m not enough, or not worthy of such Grand Revelations...?

Because you have learnt to believe the lie of your own negative-ego 


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