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Seeing the positive in times of crisis

I know we’re all focused on Coronavirus, and are worrying about the possible restrictions and depredations that might come with Lockdown - but Yoga teaches us that it is our perception that creates our reality - so perhaps we could look at the coming months in a different way... perhaps we could use this crisis to consider that it could help lead to a change in global consciousness? Everyone dismissed the Extinction Rebellion Movement last year, for trying to make everyone rethink how we live and work as a society - and yet everything they suggested (and we refused) is now being considered to try to slow the spread of disease: thinking globally but acting locally, restricting air travel, reducing car use, changing working practices and reevaluating our work/life balance to prioritise family and health instead...  And in the first affected areas, the months long restrictions have led to a slowing down and humanisation of society - and a huge drop in the immediate environmental damage o

There is no ‘healing’, no ‘salvation’...

I have had so many synchronous moments recently: words from the beautiful soul that was Ram Dass, moments with my therapist, even lyrics in songs and passing comments from friends - and I believe it is my SOUL quietly waking from its long, dark sleep - Echo herself, quietly whispering in my ear: “Listen!” And so, I am starting to believe - to remember , perhaps - that there is nothing that I need to gain or learn in order for me to heal - for any of us to find peace.  I have been lost in the darkness of my own Dark Night of self-doubt and shame, struggling and trying to find some special knowledge or ‘healing’ belief, some ‘salvation’ from myself - but in truth that’s just more of the same ‘not enough/unworthy’ negative-ego thinking that fuels my Depression, and has me beating myself up and feeling I’m especially ‘bad’... Because Everything I need, everything I have EVER needed, is right here - right NOW . The true path of healing may not be in trying to get somewhere else, or lear