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“Just be” meditation

Do you have 10 minutes today? Surely you do...? I’d love if you could just take yourself off by yourself somewhere where you won’t be disturbed; maybe slip on some headphones. Then just sit quietly, with an open and curious mind, and just let yourself listen to this beautiful guided meditation from the much missed Baba Ram Dass (and maybe visit and donate to the Ram Dass Organisation keeping his legacy alive ).  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never meditated before, just take these 10 minutes to just be, if only for a few moments.   I swear to you, it could be the most profound and important 10 minutes of your life... I love you all David 🙏🏻

Value, stories, and self-worth

I had bad dreams last night : unfocused now and hidden, but they left  me waking disturbed and angry - and ready to throw in the towel and just ‘not bother’ with my feel-good  morning rituals... But I took time to sit anyway - to do a few pranayama breathing, and see if I couldn’t ‘clear the mirror’ of my inner mind. And I realise now that this feeling is the outer shell of that core lack of self-belief that has been my chosen reality - and that of so many who struggle with a ‘dark turn of mind’:  You feel as though you have no value, no worth - and that life is therefore valueless and pointless. Feeling worthless, you do not feel that you are worth the time and effort and care of ‘pampering’ and self-care - because what’s the point?!  ‘It won’t make a difference: I’m no good anyway, so it’s inherently pointless to even bother trying to make myself better, happier - it’s all a fluffy lie, a bedtime story for little children - and now I’m grown and can see that it’s all accidental,