Presence and Love - and the Great Cosmic Drama

Presence and Love

Be present; open the heart; be here, now.

That is all we are asked to do; all that we can do.  Be present - open the heart - be here. In the love, and the hurt, the certainty and confusion; in the swirl and tempest of arising, and in the still centre of the storm. 

Be present. Open the heart. Be here, now. 

It’s this that you came into being for - to experience this - all of it: every pain and ecstasy of the flesh, every doubt and certainty of the mind. This is what incarnation is for: to Be here, now, in the midst of it all, with an open heart and a fully realised soul.

Yes, it is all illusion - a great and beautiful cosmic drama: the ONE become many, each with their parts and their roles to play in the infinite unfolding of the discovery of the Cosmic Soul, the ultimate Truth - each illusory oneness of consciousness so deeply committed to their part that we forgot it’s just a role in a play of ‘let’s pretend’ - a vast and gloriously infinite game of hide and seek. Oh, But what a game - what a drama! - the infinite unfolding of the eternally knowing and  unmanifest One into the innumerable forgetting multitude of the Many - the infinite dream of Bramah, as Lucifer falls into man’s forgetting - the indivisible One creating and descending into the Great Dream - the Grand Game of Life: willingly, lovingly, giving its multiple phantom-selves to every plot twist, every snake and ladder, every rise and fall of karma and fate, so it may come to truly and fully know both the nature of the game, and the infinite possibilities of it’s own infinite unfolding self...

And the single purpose of that whole glorious game?

So that the indivisible One may come to truly know only Itself.

And so we each must play the part for which we were born - but the truly enlightened come to know that it is a role, a mask of ego and self that we must put on so that we make take our place in the great karmic cycle of coming and going through the infinite births and deaths of becoming, and the Great Alchemy of the creation and surrender of Self and Soul...

And so: live the life you were given - the life the cosmic part of you chose. But do so fully - immersively. Feel every moment of bliss and pain: know it, and love it - and in knowing, realise the truth of duality behind and within every moment: that you are here, now - and you are not here; that you are you, and at the same time, we are not...

Be present. Open the heart. Be here, now. Know, love, live.


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