The great Cosmic Truth

Om mani padme hum!

Aum Namah Shivaya!

Allah Akbar!

The kingdom of God is within you: 

God is inside.

God is. Inside.

The Unmanifest Divine is here: in my heart, in the very atoms of my body and soul. If you open the heart, you will find that you already have all you ever needed to be free: because here, in the cave of my heart, is the gateway to bliss. 

So many voices speaking the same Truths. So many facets to the infinite Gem; So many faces to the nameless One. So many masks, infinitely mirrored, reflecting and refracting the one True Source. So many petals to the Infinite Lotus as it endlessly unfolds upon the Ocean of Time...

Every One a reaching out, an expansion of love, a lens to focus the Light of Awakening - and yet destined to become a mask beyond which few can see - an obstruction to the untouched experience of the Source itself...

And yet, is all those many words not merely the ego, the rational self, trying to pin infinity with a word...? 


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