The life-affirming gift of meditation

I have lived with depression, anxiety, mental illness and suicidal tendencies for much of my adult life. The one other constant - and the reason I am still here at all - is meditation, mindful movement and yoga;  without these, I know I would not still be here.

I first learnt to meditate at University, joining a Zazen class taught by my Jesuit lecturers at Heythrop College in London, and Tai Chi; later, I learnt Vipassana meditation and yoga - and met so many beautiful teachers and fellow travellers and great souls along the way - they are my sangha who by their compassion and love prove to me everyday that even though life may be painful, it is still truly beautiful and hopefilled, if only you open your heart.

Sitting with oneself is not always happy or pleasant (as the Zen masters say: ‘until you have wept in meditation, you have not meditated at all’...), but it is the only way to truly see and know the endless arising and falling away of the attachments and distractions of the mind - to fully and deeply know the truth that “ALL THINGS PASS” - and so learn to try to live fully and wholly in the present moment. Because NOW is the only place one can truly BE.

If you are struggling: trying to find hope or reason - please, join me - join US - let go, sit still, breathe, and just BE HERE NOW.

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