“We don’t need another hero...”

We meditate on the glory of the Divine Feminine: the remover of sin and ignorance and the embodiment of knowledge and light: may She open our hearts and guide us to understanding and love!”

“I am the ecstasy of spirit!  Arise: let your divine inner self be enfolded in the Infinite. Make music and love, all in my praise! For I have been with thee from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of Desire”

“And Mother Mary came to me: whispered words of wisdom: ‘let it be!’”

The Goddess is the same in any language: SHE is that within us that holds the light of our TRUTH - the Mother who tells us we are loved, unconditionally. That we are already where we need to be - that we already have everything we ever needed, everything we ever wanted - that we are known and we are whole and we are LOVE

We have forgotten, in this age of individualism and toxic masculinity. We think we must struggle and prove ourselves, constantly. That we must work hard to overcome our self-imposed shortcomings: that we are not enough unless we are top of the pile - the best at this little game of life that we have fallen so deep into that we have forgotten: it’s just a game!

And every muscular Hero and Glorious Saviour only feeds that toxic denial of self-belief: they were intended to be stories of hope, to give us something to strive for, to help us believe in the greatness we can share in - but in the toxicity of our addiction to the self-abuse of separation we place them upon a pedestal of worship that just reinforces the mantra of sin and unworthiness and that keeps us trapped in a prison of our own making - turning their message of love and  self-knowledge into the ego’s lie of “You are not enough - only I am the source, only I am the way! No one can come to heaven except through me!”.

Not that Heroes and saviours don’t have a place in the lost souls journey: when we fall and forget, they can be the beacon back towards the light, and the helping hand that reaches down to catch us, and hold us - the hand that offers to pull us up, until we are strong enough to realise that we already stand beside them - then to point us onwards to the eternal journey into the True Light, whilst they stay to help up the next poor soul.

But The Divine Feminine says different. As both MOTHER and LOVER she holds us and tells us: You are trapped in the isolation of the ego: LET GOget out of your head and into the heart. You don’t need saviours, or heroes - you are already all you ever needed to be, if only you would open your heart and accept your self.

You are already where you need to be: you just need to remember, and keep remembering: I am loved, and I am love itself.


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