Choose LOVE

One thing I have learnt in this last period of depression  is that the way we look at the world, and the way we make value judgements about the world - that changes the world and changes how we act within it; It’s not just about what you do, but also how you do it and how you think about it that changes us and how we think and feel about ourselves...!

If you choose to see the world in terms of ‘black’ and ‘white’, ‘good’ and ‘evil’ - if you choose to accept the idea of an Angry God, of guilt and shame, then you are choose to live in a world where you can NEVER be good enough, or worthy enough, and will always be cut off from all that is truly beautiful and loving. 

Here in the West we are obsessed with thinking we are alone - that we are individual identities, little islands of consciousness that must struggle and compete against each other, that what we desire must be at the expense of another’s as we strive and struggle for ‘salvation’. But we now know this is an untruthful and unhelpful way of looking at the world: 

No one is alone. 

We are all part of a bigger whole: the Universe, God, Cosmic Consciousness, The Biosphere, Humanity - we can call it so many names, but it’s all the same in Truth: we are all connected, no one is alone, I am as much a part of everything as everything is a part of me. 

At the heart of everything is CONNECTION. This is the real truth - a truth that will change your world and your relationship to the world. 

Connection is the essence of Love. And LOVE is the essence of LIFE and GROWTH and HAPPINESS - and LOVE is the one force that will allow us to live in a way that is truly open and free.

And so, in the words of @jonimitchellcom - I am repeating to myself these things that my shame has suppressed:

“Dance, sing, make music and love - all in My praise! For Mine is the ecstasy of the Spirit and the Joy of Life - and in LOVING and LIVING LIFE you help to pour the Spirit of my INFINITE LOVE upon the world”

Every part of life is a choice. So choose life. Choose LOVE. 🙏🏻


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