Just being here...

It’s not the ‘traumatic event’, or the memory of it that causes your depression or your obsessive thinking; it’s not the ‘emotion’ or the ‘mood’ that ‘spoils your day’; it’s not even the ‘thought’ or the ‘feeling’ that sours your mind or causes a spiral down into those dark places. It’s not the ‘trigger’ - but the identification with it and the attachment you create to it. The ‘This is me’ story.

Each and every ‘cause’ is a passing phenomenon - here, then gone: overtaken and replaced by the next experience, the next ‘phenomenon’. What makes them ‘tricky’ is how ‘sharp’ and ‘sticky’ you allow them to be for triggering trains of thought and habitual thinking, rumination,  and obsessive story making. Letting them become the grit in the flesh that forms the scar - and then scratching it over and over until it’s so sore you can’t think of anything else and you become the scar.

BUT - if you learn and practice distance between the phenomenon and your awareness of it, you create space and choice in which to allow the phenomenon to be what it is, then pass away.  By practicing presence without attachment you learn to give yourself the space and the clarity to just BE

Choose to learn to be here, but not thinking about ‘here’ where it’s been, where it might be going. Choose to learn to be present in the flow of endless arising and falling away. Choose not to grasp, hold on, or hoard - choose not to be defined by what you think - choose to be only here, to experience and to witness, but allow yourself to be free of attachment to it, so it may pass and reveal the next moment, the next phenomenon.

Let each lotus moment arise, bloom, then pass on - leaving the space clear for the next. And the next. Each unique, beautiful in their way, but all the more vibrant for being here for only a moment.

Learn - choose - to just be ♥️


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