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Happy birthday Wim Wenders

Happy 75th birthday Wim Wenders: “Wings of Desire” is still one of my all time favourite films, for its revelation that life, in both its most beautiful and it’s most terrifying, is still the stuff that Angeks themselves dream of - because in living we learn to feel , and in feeling, feel love

“The way we break open...”

I am always cheered by a new album by Mary Chapin Carpenter, but her newest Album “The Dirt and the Stars” is a beautiful, soul-torn offering - and the song “It’s ok to be sad” struck such a chord with me that it made me both cry and laugh with recognition and gratitude.
Thank you, Mary, from everyone who like me (and, I am sure, yourself) who has faced the darkness and pain of breakdown, only to discover as they come out the other side that what they thought were wounds were a gateway into a new being πŸ™πŸ»
It's OK to be sad
It's alright to be lonely
It won't always feel bad
Somebody told me
These feelings like weather
They come and they go
Today I felt better
Tomorrow who knows
Could there be healing instead
Instead of breaking, I'm hoping
That the cracks beginning to spread
Is me breaking open
And if I let everything in
The shadows as well as the light
How else could I know I'm alright?
How else would I know?
It's OK to be tired
F*ck all the excuses
Whatever's required

Wild birds

Seeing the point Sitting quietly doing nothingSpring comes, and the grassGrows by itself.
The wild geese do not intendTo reflect their images;The water has no mind to receive them.
An old pine preaches wisdom,A wild bird is crying the truth.
- Zenrin
When the wild bird criesIt’s melody from the rooftops,It’s vice carries the voice of God.When the mountain flowers are in bloom,Their full meaning cones with their scent.

Universal. Consciousness

Universal consciousness We are the universe itself, evolved from the primordial state of imperfect energy - that imperfection creating chance, and, like the grain of sand that grows into the pearl, cascading the manifestation and transformation of energy into matter and self organising systems in more and more complex forms - some if which became complex enough to generate self-creating life, then consciousness, and finally ego enough to become self-aware - then aware of the Self  - and finally aware of its own transitory existence: its momentary seeing of itself as merely a standing wave within an almost infinite ocean...
And yet, despite all of this growth and chance, there is no Destiny - no Gods, beyond those about us, that we make ourselves and of which we are made. We stand at the edge of an abyss - it is our choice and our responsibility as to whether we stand, we jump, or we fall...