Universal. Consciousness

Universal consciousness 

We are the universe itself, evolved from the primordial state of imperfect energy - that imperfection creating chance, and, like the grain of sand that grows into the pearl, cascading the manifestation and transformation of energy into matter and self organising systems in more and more complex forms - some if which became complex enough to generate self-creating life, then consciousness, and finally ego enough to become self-aware - then aware of the Self  - and finally aware of its own transitory existence: its momentary seeing of itself as merely a standing wave within an almost infinite ocean...

And yet, despite all of this growth and chance, there is no Destiny - no Gods, beyond those about us, that we make ourselves and of which we are made. We stand at the edge of an abyss - it is our choice and our responsibility as to whether we stand, we jump, or we fall...


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