A Man of God?

“Pope Francis Reassures Parents Of LGBT Children That God Loves Their Kids As They Are” (https://www.gucmakale.com/wp/pope-francis-reassures-parents-of-lgbt-children-that-god-loves-their-kids-as-they-are/)

At last!  

You have no idea the damage done from growing up gay and being told from the pulpit that you are touched by evil, because of how nature has made you - the pain as you hear every word as a personal rejection by your God and church, and the hidden shame and self-hate held rotting in your core for decades, until it leaches all light and love from your life and leaves you so convinced of your own unworthiness that you plan the ultimate sin of all... Or the damage to the Father and the family who sit unknowing beside them, but who will eventually feel torn between faith and family, church or son, and lose 10 years that we can never truly replace...

I finally left the Church, and then Christianity, because of all that hidden hate and hurt and shame - went through years of darkness and abandonment, depression and suicide - only started to relearn to love myself when I was found by an expression of Divinity that helped heal me by showing me that I am loved for who I am, just as I am - because who I am - who every single one of us is - is the manifest reflection of Their unfolding, enfolding Divine Love.

And it shouldn’t matter to me, now, that this Man of God and of conscience should show the Church the true face and meaning of God’s Love - but it does. A LOT.

Thank you, Francis; May your God and mine both smile upon you 🙏🏻


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