You do not need permission

“Is that the price? Crawling to Paradise - all the way - on my knees...?”

(St Francis and the Jewel Thief)

I thank the Sangha of my heart and friends, who have faced my guilt and self-criticism this week, each in their way, and told me me the same important message:: 

You have the permission to enjoy yourself. You are allowed to take pleasure and enjoyment from what you do: in fact you should enjoy what you do, otherwise why are you doing it?

Yoga, meditation, transformative growth - LIFE itself! - these are not penances or punishments for some failure to be ‘Perfect’, ‘holy’, ‘woke’ - they are beautiful opportunities to be reminded that life - especially the fully conscious act of mindful living - is a treasure, to be cherished and savoured with all the innocence and delight of a child’s first Christmas ...

You do not need permission: there is no part of you that is not of the Gods, no act of love and pleasure that  you can do that is not a celebration of the Gods and of Life. 

So - here is YOUR permission too: enjoy what you do. Do what you enjoy. Be made alive by living 


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