“Hope floats”

I realise it’s been a while since that last #depression post - so I just wanted to let people know: I’m doing better... Not ‘well’, still, but the worst of the Storm passed, as it always does, and I survived it, as I always (mostly) do. 

And things for me ARE looking more hopeful...: after a year of fighting, I’ve finally been granted Ill Health Retirement, and am being supported in the process of arranging pensions and financial matters that should mean I can continue the therapeutic process without worrying too much about how we’ll live without me able to work; the U.K. is steaming along with the Vaccine roll-out and we’re both just waiting for our vaccine date before Easter; and Spring is already bringing new life and #hope into the garden and the world.

Remember: no matter how bleak it appears, whilst there’s breath in your body, there is still hope. 

Here’s to ‘passing open windows’ and #travellinghopefully


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