Only *THIS* is real

You forget what’s real when you’re stuck in Depression.

You get caught up in your head, looped in your thoughts and mired in morality and metaphysics - “Who am I? I feel unworthy... Why am I always unhappy? What’s the point of living, without Hope...?”

But in all that rumination and suffering, we forget that although the momentary energy of the thought is ‘real’ - flickering across the billions of neurones in our physical brain - the thought itself is not: it is fleeting, a moment in time, a projection into a future that does not exist and cannot be accessed... 

And just as the thoughts in your head are but passing waves that rise and fall within and between cells, so the ‘thinker’ who ‘thinks’ them only truly exists as an idea: a projection of the ego and a composite of previous, ego-filtered experience, compiled into an idea of ‘me’ and jealously guarded against the possibility of dissolution...

The only ‘Truth’ - the only ‘reality’ is this physical moment - these cells, these quanta, this here, this now - this corner of the universe waking up for a moment to say “oh, hi!” to itself in all its infinite, finite, spectacularly vast and utterly normal immensity - before utterly forgetting the JOY and infinity of this living moment, and the vastness of the cosmos of which it is a part.

And the door? The door to dreams that has no key, but through which we can enter to discover both ‘reality’ and ‘God’ ? - it is and always has been within you: all you need to do is surrender and go deeper - into the self, into the body, into the joy of this living moment...


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