Just feel…

Meditation and mindfulness give you the opportunity to practice Being without attachment: when you can sit and simply observe, you realise that you don’t have to act on the feelings or thoughts that arise - but nor do you need to ignore or reject them.

When the energy of an idea or an emotions arises, if we reject it with a mental ‘no!’ then we only suppress it’s energy - we don’t allow it to discharge or dissipate, but only push it back down (we literally ‘depress’ it into our subconscious) - this ‘pushing back’ only increases the urgency of the energetic pressure behind that arising, making it even more needy for expression.

If, however, we regularly practice sitting in awareness, and allow whatever arises to simply ‘be’ - observing each emotional, intellectual, or energetic arising, acknowledging it with compassionate curiosity, but not actively engaging with it (neither reaching for it, nor pushing it away) - then that energy has the freedom to arise, bloom and express itself within the light of Consciousness - to feel itself to be ‘seen’ and ‘known’ - and then, it’s purpose completed, dissolve and sink back into the ever shifting background ‘sea’ of your living energy.

This is the essence of “non-attachment”: Don’t grab; don’t push; just be, in radical self-aware equanimity. In this is true freedom... ❤️


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