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Being gay in the Initiatory Alexandrian Tradition of witchcraft

“Being Gay in the Initiatory Alexandrian Tradition of Witchcraft”  So, author and Witch @yvonne_aburrow invited Geoff and I to talk about our experience of coming into the Craft as gay men in the 1990’s - when to be “gay” and a “witch” was still considered incompatible by many of the more conservative in the Tradition (despite our Founder being queer himself…) - and how much the experience has now changed for later generations like our own Initiate, Will. We also chatted about running a Coven as a gay couple, how and why we founded The Coven of The Sacred Wellhead, that old fruit ‘polarity’, whether sexuality or gender expression makes any difference to the magic we work, and our own belief that Diversity and Inclusion should be at the very heart of contemporary Wiccan and Pagan Theologies. Yvonne has kindly posted the interview as part of her excellent “Queer magic” series - and you can view it on her #youtubechannel here: #alexandrianwitchcraft #britishtr