Suicide prevention day

Today is #suicideprevention day - and even though it is an important day for raising awareness, I also know it’s an incredibly tough one, full of #triggers for those who are experiencing #mentalillness 

And so I want anyone who is struggling and reading this to know: you are NOT ALONE - if you can just stick with it, these feelings WILL pass, and things WILL get better.

How do I know? Just look back at my stream: I’ve been where you are now - multiple times. I’ve lived with #majordepressivedisorder for over 10 years, and lived through multiple periods of #ideation, and 3 interrupted suicidal relapses. I’ve felt the weight of #hopelessness and the depths of utter #despair - and felt on too many occasions to count that life just wasn’t worth living anymore, and it would be better for everyone if I were dead. 

In fact, one of those interrupted attempts was just one year ago (you can read the post I wrote then, empty of strength and hope, and willing myself to die: mm). But you can also read the post I wrote just TWO DAYS later ( not “better” but already out of the worst, and starting to see the possibility and hope that even though #healingisnotlinear , it IS still inevitable, IF we give ourselves the time, the help, and the LOVE that we truly do deserve.

So PLEASE , if you are struggling now - just WAIT it out a bit longer; give your future self the chance to discover that this helplessness isn’t all there is - give yourself time to rediscover all the #reasonstostayalive that the dark blindness of your depression is hiding from you right now. Just, give yourself time - I promise you, my soul to your soul: #thiswillpass 🙏🏻

(And please: REACH OUT - contact @samaritanscharity if you’re in the U.K., or @mindcharity , or @realdepressionproject - or message me if you wish - just reach out: there WILL be someone who can hold your hand until you can find your own strength and hope again. Because no matter what your demons are telling you: you ARE loved, and you are WORTHY of living 🙏🏻

#suicideprevention #suicidepreventionmonth 
#mentalhealthawareness #itgetsbetter #gaymentalhealth


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