Rekindle the fire

“There is a fire in all of us - but some feel they only have ashes left. But if you dig in the embers where you remember it used to be you will always find a last surviving ember” (@babaramdass).

And, if you hold that ember to your heart, and breathe upon it with all your LOVE, then it will grow and rekindle and become a BLAZE that will illuminate your mind and truly open your heart.

Because this Phoenix can never die.

So, sit by the fire,

Quiet your mind; and

open your heart.

“Quiet your mind with meditation; open the heart by loving all you can.” And when the mind is quiet and the heart is truly open, then you will know both the question and the answer:

“Who am I? What must I do?” - all things are spun upon the wheel of manifestation, as energy is spun into matter and matter decays into energy, and spirit and body become one - and it is Karma that spins the wheel.

There is Nowhere to go; Nothing to do.

It’s all GOD. Even this thought and the technology that brought it to the palm of your hand.

From tiniest quantum particles to the infinite sweep of the stars: it is ALL vibration - humming with life, and connection, love and divinity. You just got to tune your heart to the abundant frequency of the Universal Divine...

{“Sit around the fire” @mrjonhopkins and @babaramdass }


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