What is the true nature of #beinghuman? Like the surface of a pond, Is it the surface that one presents to the world - this body, this skin, this face that others see, and the mask of identity through which we interface with (and filter ‘Reality’…? Or is it the unseen depths beneath that shiny surface - the fresh and flowing water, the rich and fertile mud from which the #lotus grows…?

Everyone has an ‘#ego’ - it’s that voice and ‘identity’ in your head that says “‘I’” and ‘mine’ to experience. But with #breathwork and #meditation, as we quiet that ‘speaking mind’ and open our instinctive heart, we find that below the impulsive and habitual clinging to a ‘possessive’ identity, there is a kind of bodily awareness and experience that is just ‘#being’ - without judgement or analysis, without words or the concepts and conceits they create. To live in THIS space - where there is no idea of separation or difference, only Unity and Life - is the goal, for me at least 🙏🏻

#mindfulmoment #engagedbuddhism 


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