Ban Conversion Therapy. Now!

Can I ask a political favour? Will you join me and @stonewalluk by emailing your MP to protest the Government’s shameful U-turn on their promise to #banconversiontherapy , and show them that decent people DO care, and will fight for ‘minority’ and #lgbtq🌈 rights?

I know you’ll wonder why I’m taking this so personally, but it IS personal. I’ve not said directly, but even my Therapist agrees that my own #Depression and suicidal breakdowns have at their root the buried shame that I learnt from the #homophobia and #bullying I suffered as a gay child at school, and the ‘prayer-cure’ I subjected myself to as a ‘good Catholic’ teenager, and then 10 years of hiding the true reality of myself from family and friends, before finally finding the courage and #pride🌈 to come out in my mid-20’s. I’ve lived with the buried #trauma and self-hate of that  #internalizedhomophobia for 30 years - and it STILL grabs and drags me down when #triggered by events like these. 

We can not let this next generation of kids - at least 10% of whom will be LGBTQ - to suffer as I did, nor lose any more of our beautiful #trans siblings.

Follow the link, and tell these bigots that there is no place in this country for hate, anymore. And maybe #donate to help fight the cause?


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