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God’s Love

“ There is an infinite being on another plane that, even though you don’t not know it, guides, protects, and helps you - and that loves you with an infinite and personal love without limit. Does your learnt sense of unworthiness prevent you from feeling, acknowledging and accepting that love - prevents you from being loved, as much as this Being loves you? Unworthiness has to go. Shame has to go. Sin has to go. You have to be able to say:  “God, Christ, Infinite One, Baba, Guru: let me feel Your love. Let me be filled with Your love. Let me be absorbed into Your LOVE.” Breathe in and breathe out from your heart. With each in breathe know that you breathe in the love that fills the Universe - with each in breathe renew the light within you.  With every out breathe rid yourself of that which binds and limits you; With each out breathe push away the darkness and make room for more light. With each out breathe shed more of that which keeps you from acknowledging that You are LOVE.”