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No birth, no death

No birth, no death The Buddha taught that Nirvana comes when we awaken to the Truth that our essential selves have never been born, and so can never die.  But this is not just a spiritual’ belief, it’s literal and physical too. E=MC2 enshrines the Truth that neither matter nor energy can be destroyed, only transformed, each into the other. NOTHING ever ‘dies’, nor is it truly ‘born’ - all things material are simply recycled, reused and repurposed. EVERYTHING that makes up what you think of a ‘me’ is actually ‘borrowed’: the minerals in your bones and cells that used to be part of the Earth, the carbon and oxygen that fuels your body that comes from the plants and animals you consume to live, the DNA that tells your body how and ‘who’ to be that come from your parents and ancestors - even the ideas and beliefs in your head that you learnt from Wise Ones and Teachers of the past - EVERYTHING that makes up ‘you’ has all previously been parts of something else Greater and more continuous t