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“And Lucifer turns the wheel”

“Farewell oh Sun: ever returning light!” We worked our #autumnequinox last night, the descending Sun had me considering the #myth of #lucifer - and what it has to teach us about the #Ego… In the Monotheistic myth, Lucifer is the #fallenangel who rebels against the All Good God - and becomes the #scapegoat for all #Evil. He falls due to the hubris of His #Pride and #Ego - but what is Ego, other than the illusion of Separateness? He fell because he wanted to be ‘special’ - and forgot that he is already #Divine… But in the #Gnostic telling, Lucifer’s rebellion is driven by #compassion and not Pride. Like #Prometheus, He stands against a Jealous God who wishes to keep Man ignorant and obedient, and in the Sacrifice of His rebellion He gives Man the Light of Consciousness, and therefore of Hope - because through self awareness, Humanity can become more than they where made to be. But In the #Wiccan Myth, Lucifer is a God in His own right: born of the trembling of #Diana’s Desire; He is the

Suicide prevention day

Today is #suicideprevention day - and even though it is an important day for raising awareness, I also know it’s an incredibly tough one, full of #triggers for those who are experiencing #mentalillness  And so I want anyone who is struggling and reading this to know: you are NOT ALONE - if you can just stick with it, these feelings WILL pass, and things WILL get better. How do I know? Just look back at my stream: I’ve been where you are now - multiple times. I’ve lived with #majordepressivedisorder for over 10 years, and lived through multiple periods of #ideation, and 3 interrupted suicidal relapses. I’ve felt the weight of #hopelessness and the depths of utter #despair - and felt on too many occasions to count that life just wasn’t worth living anymore, and it would be better for everyone if I were dead.  In fact, one of those interrupted attempts was just one year ago (you can read the post I wrote then, empty of strength and hope, and willing myself to die: m