“And Lucifer turns the wheel”

“Farewell oh Sun: ever returning light!”

We worked our #autumnequinox last night, the descending Sun had me considering the #myth of #lucifer - and what it has to teach us about the #Ego…

In the Monotheistic myth, Lucifer is the #fallenangel who rebels against the All Good God - and becomes the #scapegoat for all #Evil. He falls due to the hubris of His #Pride and #Ego - but what is Ego, other than the illusion of Separateness? He fell because he wanted to be ‘special’ - and forgot that he is already #Divine…

But in the #Gnostic telling, Lucifer’s rebellion is driven by #compassion and not Pride. Like #Prometheus, He stands against a Jealous God who wishes to keep Man ignorant and obedient, and in the Sacrifice of His rebellion He gives Man the Light of Consciousness, and therefore of Hope - because through self awareness, Humanity can become more than they where made to be.

But In the #Wiccan Myth, Lucifer is a God in His own right: born of the trembling of #Diana’s Desire; He is the Light born in, and of, The Darkness. But He is overwhelmed with terror, and so He flees ‘even unto the underworld’. He flees the Goddess’ embrace: the Goddess who is both the enfolding Darkness of Mystery and the terror of Becoming (which requires that we #Sacrifice who and what we think we are, in order to become what we CAN be). But what He flees is only Himself - and His fear is only of losing Himself in that which formed Him.

In His fear of the Darkness He clings to His Light, and forgets that He and She are ONE: literally of the same stuff; and in pulling away, He polarises that which is himself into Ego and Shadow, matter and consciousness, body and soul. He forgets the light of His own Divinity, and so gets lost within the false  Darkness of an illusory Identity - Falls even into becoming #Death Himself, where he becomes ‘the Judge of Gods and Men’ - dividing the world into ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘light’ and ‘Dark’, ‘God’ and ‘Devil’, ‘life’ and ‘death’. And so Divides and Severs his own self...

But the #Goddess finally finds Him, and She seduces and calms Him with the dolorous thrum and vibration of Her song of Life and Loving: the song of the Wheel of Life as it spins and weaves all things into a web of #interbeing - the hum of the Hive as it takes the light of the Sun and the nectar of living, and turns the sad sorrow of life into an alchemical honey that feeds and heals the soul: the Golden Honey of #love that sweetens every life if only we will let it in... 

And in Her song, He remembers Himself: and “They loved and were ONE” - the soul reunited with flesh, Energy and Matter, the material and consciousness - the Divine with Man. #Ego and #Shadow. 

And so the true Self is reborn into #Individuation: the knowledge that though it exists, it is but an illusion of separateness: We are all ONE. One Universe, one energy, whole and vast and ever-changing: truly, that which is never born, and never dies. 

“For all things are spun from the Wheel of Diana - and it is Lucifer who spins the wheel...”


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