WE are Risen!

The difference between the Western, #monotheism mindset and that of the East and of #animism, is the difference between ‘creation’ and ‘manifestation’

When you believe God to be an entity ‘out there’, a ‘someone’ who exists separately, and who then CREATES the world and man as ‘objects’, separate from ‘Himself’, you create a #dualism between ‘God’ and ‘the universe’ - ‘god’ and ‘not-god’. And that makes the World and our life in it something ‘second best’. Even worse, it paints Humanity as an object, a possession, or a ‘pet’ - who must be ‘saved’, and who must continually prove their ‘worthiness’ (and fearing His punishment and wrath).

The Eastern and #occult mindset is different, because it understands that ‘the Divine’ is not an ‘entity’ separate from a ‘creation’, but that the Universe itself is the physical and temporal expression and manifestation of the Divine itself. There is no ‘God’ or ‘Buddha’ ‘out there’ somewhere: it’s all HERE - ALL god, all GOOD - and it’s all ONE. 

We are not ‘seperate’ - not from ‘god’, or ‘nature’, or even each other - but are all of one spirit, one matter, one being.

To the enlightened, ‘matter’ is not something to be feared or shunned, controlled or ‘transfigured’ - it is the literal, moment to moment creative unfolding of Divinity and consciousness - the #CosmicDance of arising and falling back, the E=MC2 of energy into matter and back to energy - the and Ebb and Flow of the eternal Sea of Being and #cosmicconsciousness 

This difference makes ALL the difference - it makes nature and Humanity DIVINE. There is then no need for ‘Religion’ or ‘priesthood’ to tell us what ‘god’ out there wants us to do, or how to be - There is no ‘saviour’, nor any ‘god’ at all - simply our own striving to be the BEST of all we are.

As the #Zenmaster says: ‘Buddha’ is in ALL of us: a touchstone for the ‘awakening’ we are all capable of if we consciously practice the better parts of ourselves.

It is the same path we tread as #occultist and #witch - that of #selfrealization, for:

“There is no part of me that is not of the gods!” 

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